“Show me a day when the world wasn’t new.”
– Sister Barbara Hance


Every day I see love, I experience it, I desire it. Every day I’m confronted with the possibility that humans don’t know what it is and every day I’m reminded that we do. We know love because we have been loved well.

Amata Bene.

This isn’t a “Christian blog” or a “writer’s blog” or an “angsty post-grad looking for attention blog.” While I am all of those things, I am not interested in telling the masses things they already believe. I don’t want to try to give advice to writers who are probably all far more experienced and talented than I am. This is for me. This is my inspiration, these are the stories in my head, and through it all I hope to discover who Love is.

I want to be able to say:This_Is_Love




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