This moment is what started it all for me. There had been hints here and there, sprinkled throughout my life like a seasoning you can’t name but you just want more – but Capaldi’s one sentence, delivered so beautifully,  broke my heart with love. And it had been a very, very long time since that had happened.

Clara had just tricked the Doctor, had gone behind his back and utterly betrayed everything he stood for and everything their relationship meant. And this is how he responds:

“Do you think I care for you so little
that betraying me would make a difference?”

Let’s try that again.

divine mercy.jpg

“Do you think I care for you so little
that betraying me would make a difference?”

My theological training says: “Yes. Of course it matters. Of course my betrayal makes a difference. Of course you love me less because there is less in me to love after I have turned away from you.” But I’ve never really taken into account the other side of the equation. I’ve never really realized that Christ is so much more than that. Because there he is, with his Divine Mercy, unceasingly pouring his heart out for me, relentlessly pursuing my own heart, and tirelessly reaching out to me in hopes that I can see his love for me.

And my betrayal does not change that. It does not alter his burning desire for me. It does not make a difference.

It was when I realized this that I came to admit I have no idea what love is, I have yet to really know who Love is, and  I have lived my entire life not really understanding how to love.

What – Who – How.

I think this is a good place to start.


4 thoughts on “A Study In Doctor Who

  1. I love this. Dr Who is one of My Favorite Things, and a big part of that is its parallels with, well, Catholicism. Love!! So much love. And humanity, usually at its best, in the end. It blows me away. So, thanks. 🙂
    I love this blog.


  2. I haven’t watched Doctor Who since the last Matt Smith Christmas special mocked the Catholic Church, but that is quite a theologically resonant statement.


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